October 19, 2021



New Games by Nick Combs

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New Games by Nick Combs

Nick Combs has a new game for you this week called Fate of the Explorer. It is a hidden object game with a strong fantasy element. You play as Madame Fate, a French chef, who must investigate a series of ruins left by a monster to find out what happened. In each room you will find a variety of items which can be used to help your adventure along, including cooking ingredients, puzzle pieces and more. You are even allowed to color the items in the game!

nick com new games of the week


If you enjoy hidden object games, this one is definitely for you. Each room in each level is beautifully decorated and there are over forty levels to play on. The graphics are very nice, and the whole thing runs smoothly. The only real problem I have seen with the game, is that the story is poorly written and doesn’t flow well at all. The scenes are poorly composed and don’t make much sense, especially at times.


Nick Combs has two new games for you this week. You can play for free on his website or buy the HD version of Diner Dash: Delicious Deli from his site. In case you missed it, I recommend you play Diner Dash: Delicious Deluxe. Both games are excellent, and I would recommend them to any No More Games review reader. Both games are available for free download now.


Nick Combs’ newest game is called Phantom Dust. I’m not going to lie to you, I did not know about this game before it came out! You play as Ginger, a lovable character who helps Ginger and her friends solve puzzles throughout their adventures. You can also build your own character and play as them. I think it’s a clever game, but I didn’t have a lot of fun while playing it. There’s not quite enough in the way of storyline for me to talk about, but that’s okay.


The other new game that Nick combs for you this week is called Brain Age. It’s an amazing game that really takes time to master. You will need to practice a lot of reflexes in order to win. It is very addictive, but like I mentioned earlier, you really need to practice! If you want to play this free game, I highly suggest that you visit Nick’s site for the best review of the game!


Nick Combs is a master of creating word games. Some of them may seem simple, but they’re not. One example is called Brain Rush. You have to find the fastest word in a list of words without appearing blabbering or speaking the word. It gets progressively harder, and you’ll be squinting and sweating at the same time. This new game is absolutely fantastic!


Nick also has another cool game on his website called Word Search. This is a game where you have to find a word in a grid and use its letters in a variety of different ways. There are many hints available, and you’ll be challenged by increasing difficulty levels. This is definitely one of the new games that Nick combs that I recommend because it’s great fun and also really challenges you mentally!


All of these games are free, and they will only take a few minutes of your time. So if you’re looking for a way to kill a few minutes of your time, then give one of these games a try. They are all fun, and they’ll keep you occupied for quite some time!


If you don’t like any of the games Nick Combs has created, he has over 60 more titles available! These are all classics, but this new game he is creating is extremely fun! He calls it Space Rescue, and it is a challenging puzzle-game where you have to guide an astronaut through some seriously tough situations. It’s totally worth giving a go, and you’ll probably be surprised with how hard it is!


Another one of Nick’s new games that I’ve played is called Anatomy Bot. This is basically a puzzle where you have to put together different images in the shape of a human body. It’s really fun, and the various images are incredibly life-like. It’s another very challenging puzzle-game.


Overall Nick has some fantastic new games. Some of them are going to be a lot of fun, and others will really test your cognitive abilities. The variety alone is already impressive, and I can’t wait to see what Nick comes up with next. I can only imagine that we’re going to see quite a few more games developed by Nick relating to space, life and the mind/body connection.

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