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New Games to Get Your Attention

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New Games to Get Your Attention

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There are a lot of games in the market and there are also new games that come out every now and then. If you are a fan of MMORPG or Massive Multiplayer Online RP Games, then it is surely the time for you to upgrade your PC and play with them. There are some great options available in the market which can transform your gaming experience to another level. It is also a good option to know about new games that are coming out on PC.


Let us discuss the top five upcoming games that are coming out for free on PCs and tablets in the next few months. They are World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, RPG Maker, Fortified Zone, and Agents of Shield. World of Warcraft is known to be one of the most popular games of all time and if you haven’t played it yet, then you would be really amazed by the high quality visuals and the intense action packed game mechanics. If you love the idea of medieval fantasy, then this is the right game for you. It offers the amazing graphics, excellent animation, and great story-lines.


Final Fantasy XIV is the fantasy MMORPG that is currently offering a lot of new things for the players. It has a unique trading system along with hundreds of hours of exciting action. If you are an experienced gamer, then there will be nothing more exciting than playing this new game online. It is definitely a step up from its predecessors and if you are new to MMORPGs, then this is one of the best choices. The game features an updated version of MapleStory and brings a whole new set of fans.


Another exciting game online is Agents of Shield, which is the sci-fi-inspired tactical rpg. It is an intense single player role playing game and is sure to deliver lots of thrills. It also features an all new expansion pack “Sovereign”, which will be releasing soon and it promises even more amazing action.


The game players can’t wait to experience in the fall of this year is Warhammer Online. It is the classic game with strong fantasy elements and it is great for those who like their fantasy game quests and battles. You will get to experience the fantastic world of Warhammer Online in a totally new way. It has a new persistent server and will support both PvE and PvP.


The next new RPG that will be available this fall is the module telling the story of the epic fantasy role-playing game The Elder Knight. The game will feature an old friend of Lord Farron, an adventurer who tries to help his homeland from the impending attack of the dragons. You will play as the main character and will get to explore many dangerous lands and deadly traps. This is the most developed game from Bioware and it promises an exciting story filled with amazing visuals. The game will be available for download soon after it goes live on the game servers.


The next new games that will be available this fall are Dishonored and The Last Guardian. Dishonored will focus on the dark urban sprawl of modern London while the Last Guardian is focused on the magic and the mythology of the world. Both games are developed by the award winning independent team from Ubi Soft. Both games are set in a new city set thousands of years ago and they are definitely worth playing.


There are still plenty more new games that are being announced and will be released every year. The new consoles and other new accessories will make sure that the gaming industry continues to grow and develops into new and better versions of itself. As new games are released they will become more affordable and accessible to everyone. If you are a gamer, new games are something you must have to keep up with the competition.

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