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New Games to Play on Xbox Live Arcade

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New Games to Play on Xbox Live Arcade

Game Pass is Xbox Live’s (out now) service that allows you to download new games before you buy them. You have a variety of options, depending on how much you want to spend. For example, you can get unlimited downloads for the whole month. Other options include only playing select games for a month or only a certain number of games each month. Keep in mind that most games have some level of completion required before you can proceed to the next level.

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The month of April has a lot of new games coming that you won’t find with the other games in the series. For example, you can look forward to Dragon Age: Origins, which is in pre-launch form. Or, there is also Halo Reach, one of the biggest games ever released by Microsoft. And, finally, there is the new game pass new games coming June that is rumored to bring brand new Mass Effect 3 gameplay. All of these games are included as part of the Xbox Live Arcade, so that means you get unlimited game downloads for one low price.


Let’s talk about these upcoming games. The first game in the list, Dragon Age: Origins, use the new skill system from the original game. This new system allows the player to choose special skills, allowing them to be more effective in battle. In addition to the three classes available, you can also get bonuses based on your character’s gender, such as fighting with a female warrior, or using a shield.


The second game in the list, Dragon Quest Builders, follows the same format as the original. However, you don’t have to purchase the game. Instead, you can play it free using the game pass guide. The main difference is that instead of using potions and doing battle with enemies, you will need to use tiles and other resources to make progress on the map. There are new games coming out with this system, so it’s definitely worth checking out the updates every once in a while.


The last two games on the list, namely Dragon Age 2 and Need for Speed: Super Sport, will both be coming out later this year. One reason why the release date is so important to developers is because it allows them to work on optimizing the games before they release them. By doing so, the players will be able to experience the full benefits of the game. Unfortunately, EA is having a difficult time making the most out of their new releases. They haven’t given anyone enough time to play the game and optimize it, so gamers are waiting for the release date to be here before downloading the updates.


This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Dragon Age and the upcoming releases. We will learn more, once the games are officially released. For now, the general consensus is that Dragon Age 3 is the most promising game in the franchise. The next big thing is expected to be The Witching Hour, and we can also expect a release date in the next two years or so. That’s just a rough estimate, but there’s no telling what the future holds for gamers.


As for the future of Xbox Live Arcade, I can only make a guess. I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft doesn’t release any new games for awhile. That would leave the door wide open for someone like EA to come along and dominate the gaming market. But we should all keep our fingers crossed for EA because it looks like they have the future of gaming secured. Stay tuned!


There are many other games on the scene that are in development and will be releasing sometime in the future. The trick is to get your hands on the early copies, and then do some more research to figure out which games will be successful. In all honesty, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of new games to pick up, but the games coming out soon won’t be bad. As much as I’d like to sit here and tell you there will be nothing better than the Game Pass, I have to admit, there’s always going to be something better out there. You just have to keep an open mind. There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to Xbox Live Arcade.

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