September 27, 2021



Patriot Games Review – An Honest Patriot Games Review

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Patriot Games Review – An Honest Patriot Games Review

patriot games review

Want to play as the heroic agent “Jack Ryan” in Patriot Games? You don’t have to be a super-power talent like Agent 47. This is a story based on real life events, and it tells a thrilling tale of how our hero came to be the spy we know today. It is based on the book by Tom Clancy.


When former CIA operative Jack Ryan accidentally kills an international terrorist during an anti-American operation in London, he becomes the target of a furious mob that wants to get at the man responsible for their own loss. When the brother of a second agent is captured, Miller (Sean Bean) returns to America and sets up shop as a secret agent in London. The family, unaware of his true identity, lets him into their home. But when an IRA terror cell makes plans to attack London, Miller must learn what he’s been taught to protect the people of America and do what is necessary to stop the attacks before they kill more innocent people. This action-packed thriller stars Anne Adams, Alexander Flores, Rosa Marsden, Matt Damon, Harrison Ford, and Kevin Spacey.


Patriot Games is one of the most enjoyable video games reviewed today. As the name suggests, the game is based on current events, and it takes place in London. In one scene, we find that the famous Thames River has become a path of blood for terrorists who want to attack the capital. The game provides the backdrop for one of those daring and unforgettable missions from the James Bond movie franchise and gives gamers a look at the murky world of espionage.


The story line of this game’s review is very convincing. However, it’s the non-stop action that makes the player feel immersed and thrilled. One of the most thrilling missions sees Agent 33 – one of Agentisk’s newest recruits, tasked with finding and rescuing another handler that was just left behind. Once she’s recovered, the mission moves to a busy street in London. There, Miller finds himself caught up in the middle of an explosion that has injured several civilians.


With an amazing cover of James Bond theme music – complete with slow dancing girls in high heels – the player quickly learns how to handle sniper fire. Using cover such as a hijacked bus helps allow Miller to shoot safely within the narrow close quarters. It also allows Miller to get up close and personal with the terrorist who has just ordered the attack on London. To make things even more tense, the explosion occurs while Miller is taking cover behind a van that’s being driven by a British soldier. He survives the crash, but not before being shot at point blank range.


You can probably tell right off the bat that this isn’t your dad’s military simulation game. Patriot Games is more of a psychological action thriller about mankind. As you play through the different levels, Miller’s performance is convincing – especially when she gets to kill bad guys with her sniper skills. But it’s the way she handles death that really captures the player’s imagination. When you’re killed through sniper shot, Miller reloads, finds a sniper and then must continue the mission to kill the final target.


You can level up by collecting money that’s dropped by enemies or by finding items around the map. The money can be used for upgrades that give you greater access to weapons and other abilities, or for getting to new areas on the map. However, most of your time will be spent actually playing the game, which is what makes this one of the most exciting games to play. After completing each level and completing the challenging missions, you can then try out one of the bonus games to see if you have what it takes to become a professional sniper.


For fans of guns and action, this game is a great place to start. You will find it engrossing and entertaining, with enough action to keep you hooked on to it for a long time. The graphics and sounds are quite nice too. So if you enjoy sniper games, Patriot Games is definitely worth checking out – you won’t be disappointed!

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